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Digitizing the pattern is the process of converting a paper pattern into a digital file. We turn physical handmade patterns into a digitized form that can be replicated and used in multiples.

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Pattern grading is the scaling of a pattern to a different size by implementing important points of the pattern using an algorithm. We digitally grade the patterns for accuracy and efficiency.

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Marking is the arrangement of different sized patterns. Great care is taken to ensure that the patterns are perfectly on grain and that there is a minimal amount of fabric wasted.

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Other Services

Marker Express also provides:
•  Training on Gerber Accumark and Optitex Software
•  Marker Substitution
•  Data Conversation

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Digitizing is the process of converting a paper pattern into a digital file. This is the first step in the process of preparing a pattern to be graded and marked. After digitizing, the pattern will be ready for grading.

Marker Express, Inc. uses 3 different types of garment industry CAD software:

•  AccuMark
•  PAD System
•  Optitex

Please let us know if you prefer a specific software to be used for your patterns. If no preference is made, we will use the Gerber AccuMark software. There is an additional charge for data transfers between the different software packages, if required.

Patterns must be ready for production.
Marker Express, Inc. does not check customer patterns for accuracy.

Digitizing FAQ

Q: Do the patterns need to be on tag paper?

A: No. Patterns can be on dotted paper, brown kraft paper, tag, or plain white paper. Tissue paper or pellon patterns are not recommended.

Q: Do I have to cut out the patterns?

A: No. You can trace your original patterns onto plain paper and send us the tracing.

Q: What’s the best way to send you my patterns?

A: You can fold tracings and put them in an envelope or box. If you have several patterns, loosely fold them in a box. Don’t send them in a tube if possible. It’s hard to flatten them out to digitize.


Pattern grading is the process of scaling a pattern to different sizes. If the designer does not have established grade rules, then Marker Express will use one of our own grading standards. At Marker Express, we digitally grade the patterns for accuracy and efficiency. We do not manually grade patterns.

Customers can send Accumark, PAD, or Optitex patterns via email for grading. All patterns sent must be set up correctly and production ready if markers are required. Patterns and/or markers will be returned via email upon completion. Markers can also be printed for shipping to contractors.

Grading FAQ

Q: Does Marker Express have grade charts I can use?

A: Yes. We have grade charts for different size scales. Let us know who your customer is and we can recommend an appropriate grade scale.

Q: Can you print out the graded patterns on tag board?

A: No. We only print on white marker paper. You will have to transfer to oak tag yourself.

Q: I have hand graded patterns. Can you input them in the computer?

A: If you need the hand grade patterns to be exactly as they are, it becomes a digitizing job. We don’t recommend this process as it becomes problematic if you are making markers. It’s best to send us your sample size pattern and your grade rules so that we can re-grade the pattern. The overall grade will be the same, but the curves between sizes may not match exactly.


Marking is the arrangement of patterns pieces within the cuttable width of the fabric. The pattern pieces can be arranged either in single size or multiple sizes. It is important that the pattern set-up and grainlines are correct.

Mini-markers will be given to all customers to double check the accuracy of the quantity of pattern pieces, that they are in the appropriate fabric groups, and that all marker instructions have been carried out. Upon approval by the customer, markers will be printed.

If your cutting room has special requirements, i.e. table length limitations, or specific layouts for your markers, please give us that information when the markers are requested.

Marking FAQ

Q: Can you make markers based on the fabric width information from the mills?

A: We recommend waiting until your fabric arrives so that you can give us the cuttable width of the fabric. The mills estimate the width, and the cuttable width, measured inside the selvedges, is often different.

Q: Can I send you my fabric to measure the cuttable width?

A: No. We do not have the space to accept bolts of fabric. Either measure them yourself or have your cutting room measure for you.

Q: Can I use the marker more than once?

A: The marker is cut with the fabric at the factory. Marker Express keeps your markers on file. If you need to re-cut, and all the parameters are the same, we can print a copy and send it to the factory. If there are any changes to the marker, you will be charged for a new marker.

Other Services

Software Training

Marker Express also provides Gerber AccuMark & Optitex training either in house or individually in PDS, grading and marking.

Marker Substitution

A fee based on the work involved will be assessed for marker substitutions.

Data Conversions

Conversion between apparel software programs. Conversion to Adobe Illustrator.

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