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Marker Express, Inc. is a computerized marking and grading service located in Napa, California. We have served hundreds of customers, many of them repeat, with one or more of our services. Our computerized service saves your company time and money by ensuring uniformity of silhouette, grade specifications, and cost effective fabric utilization that your company requires.

At Marker Express, our goal is to provide every customer with quick, efficient and accurate service.

In order to better serve our customers and achieve your goals, please read the following information about our services. If you need any other information, please feel free to contact us.



Digitizing the pattern is the process of converting a paper pattern into a digital file. We turn physical handmade patterns into a digitized form that can be replicated and used in multiples.

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Pattern grading is the scaling of a pattern to a different size by implementing important points of the pattern using an algorithm. We digitally grade the patterns for accuracy and efficiency.

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Marking is the arrangement of different sized patterns. Great care is taken to ensure that the patterns are perfectly on grain and that there is a minimal amount of fabric wasted.

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Other Services


Marker Express also provides:

•  Training on Gerber Accumark and Optitex Software
•  Marker Substitution
•  Data Conversation

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About Us

Mary Ann Parker

Mary Ann has worked in the apparel industry since 1980. A 1982 graduate of FIDM, Mary Ann began her career in Los Angeles as a 1st patternmaker, and then moved to the San Francisco area in 1984. She worked as a production patternmaker at Koret of California, where she learned to use the Camsco software system, an early computer patternmaking program. In addition to patternmaking, she learned grading and marking

In 1991, Mary Ann left the Gap to start Marker Express, Inc. with 2 other colleagues. In 1994, the company incorporated and in 1998, Mary Ann became sole owner of the business. Marker Express, Inc. does grading and marking for a wide variety of customers and products, primarily in the SF Bay area, but works with many companies throughout the U.S. as well as internationally. The business currently uses 3 apparel software programs: Gerber AccuMark, PAD, and Optitex.

In her spare time, Mary Ann enjoys taking walks with her husband and dog, cooking for her weekly family night dinners, reading murder mystery novels, as well as boating and volunteering at her church. She has recently started weaving, which consumes her remaining spare time as well as space in the house for her looms and stockpiles of yarn.

Oscar Jacobo

Oscar Jacobo started his career in the garment industry in 1994. He worked at Urban Instinct in Long Beach, CA where he worked as a manual marker maker and cutter, and also in quality control, shipping, receiving and inventory. In 1996, the company moved to Napa and brought Oscar with them. Oscar joined Marker Express in 2005. Oscar digitizes, makes markers, and also handles the shipping and anything else that needs to be done.

Outside the workplace, Oscar is a family man. He enjoys cooking for his family and friends, scuba diving, bike riding, roller blading and swimming. After a day’s work you can find Oscar cooking or learning something on YouTube or walking the family dogs.

Marker Express

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